Man developed Hepatitis after energy drink 'overdose'

Posted by Karen Jones | November 2, 2016

A builder was diagnosed with hepatitis and admitted to hospital after drinking up to five cans of energy drink daily for three weeks.

The 50-year-old quickly developed anorexia as well as an increase in abdominal pain and malaise which lead to sickness and vomiting after he started consuming the drinks.

At first he thought his symptoms were due to the flu but he quickly became alarmed when his urine turned dark.

Reports say there was not any change in diet or drug consumption that could have been causing the symptoms.

Lab tests showed high levels of transaminases indicating significant liver damage with a biopsy of the liver revealing hepatitis.

Doctors say that the hepatitis was due to consumption of energy drinks to an excessive degree.

His intake of Niacin was in the region of 160 - 200mg each day with each drink containing 40mg which is twice the daily recommended intake.

The patient is now under continued treatment to deal with the symptoms and had stopped consuming the energy drinks.