Man strangles his mothers dog to death

Posted by Karen Jones | November 1, 2016

It has been revealed that former deputy Prime Minister Lord Michael Heseltine strangled his mothers dog to death.

He says he killed the Alsatian after it bit him claiming that: 'If you have a dog that turns, you just cannot risk it.

'So I took Kim's collar - a short of choker chain - and pulled it tight. Suddenly he went limp.' he added.

'I was devoted to Kim, but he'd obviously had some sort of mental breakdown.'

Lord Heseltine is also said to have shot dead 250 great squirrels in the last 6 months.

In his book he wrote: 'these foreign intruders man have Walt Disney appeal in London parts,'

'But to us they are Public Enemy Number One. . . and are shot without hesitation.'