Beekeeper allergic to bees died from bee sting

Posted by Karen Jones | November 1, 2016

A beekeeper from Devon, England was stung on the neck by a bee that managed to get inside of his suite which caused him to die from an allergic reaction.

The 55 year old amateur beekeeper attempted to counter the allergic reaction using an EpiPen but spilled it's contents.

Using another pen his wife was able to give him the injection into the leg.

She recounts: 'He was still conscious but delirious. Was grey and pale and his death was shallow. He was not responding.'

Despite the efforts on the behalf of the paramedics, Mr Turner died around 20 minutes after.

Mark Turner had a total of three bee hives which he kept as a pastime and to produce honey.

Turner had been previously diagnosed with an allergy but it was was not known to be severe.

Mrs Turner was and her husband were not aware that the allergy was life threatening as she said: 'he would have given up the bees' if they knew.