Train driver shelters under cab in 105mph near miss

Posted by Karen Jones | October 31, 2016

A Virgin train driver was nearly hit by an oncoming train travelling at 105mph while he was checking a power fault on the the tracks.

The driver narrowly avoided the fatal collision by taking shelter just three seconds before the train passed.

The incident took place north 12 miles of York train station on the 3rd of August.

A report suggests the incident was the result of mis-communication between a trainee signaller and the driver over the status of a line blockage placement.

It said that the driver contacted the signaller who was a trainee at the time to ask for oncoming trains to be stopped in order to carry out the work.

During the communication the signaller said he would call back to confirm but CCTV showed the driver stepping out of the cab before getting confirmation.

It stated: 'It is possible the driver may not have heard what the trainee signaller said or that he had misunderstood what he was being told.

'The driver and the trainee signaller did not reach a clear understanding about stopping trains on the adjacent lines and the driver subsequently alighted from the driving cab of his train, incorrectly believing it was safe to do so.'