Boy left so dehydrated he sucked baby wipes before dying at children's hospital

Posted by David Elliots | October 30, 2016

A report found a four year old boy who died in 2012 was dehydrated to the point that he started sucking on wet wipes before dying from a brain haemorrhage.

Sean Turner was having major heart surgery at Bristol Children's Hospital and was the unfortunate victim of 22 failures by doctors and nurses.

An inquiry into the boy's death showed that he was 'not given the best possible chance of survival'.

Steve Turner and Yolanda Turner, the parents of the child accused the hospital of moving their son out of intensive care too early on.

They say that their child's vomiting, fluid loss from chest and rising blood temperate were all signs of a deterioration in condition which doctors seemed to miss.

According to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman report, not moving Sean back to intensive care was a failure in level of care.

Yolanda Turner said: 'Over four days Sean had increasing hear rate, was constantly being sick and was becoming so chronically dehydrated he was grabbing tissues to cool his forehead and suck the water out of them.

'He kept asking for drinks but we were told he was on a fluid restriction to clear out his drains and this was normal.

'This was not normal, our little boy was switching off, in terrible pain, struggling to breathe and had an increasing heart rate'

'We tried so hard to get him some help. Nothing happened, nobody seemed to help'

'Nurses were concerned but they seemed to busy to give him the time needed to care for Sean at the level he needed.'

The hospital has since been ordered to write an apology to the family acknowledging the failings that happened.