Teen girl gets her head stuck inside giant pumpkin

Posted by David Elliots | October 29, 2016

A mother from Washington caught the funny moment her daughter managed to get her head stuck inside a pumpkin that she was carving.

Rachel, aged 16 was with her brother at the time and was trying to prove her 'winning streak' was still in play by demonstrating that her pumpkin was the largest.

The amusement continued, then turning to laughter as the family discover the pumpkin is actually stuck on her head.

'Go tell dat that Rachel has her head stuck in her pumpkin. Hurry hurry!' says the girls mother.

Jason only 14 tries to help his sister get the pumpkin off her head.

As the father arrives he makes the suggestion that they should call the fire department which left Rachel mortified.

'No! That would be so horrible!' says Rachel.

After the antics were over the mother explained they were able to remove the pumpkin easily by releasing her daughter pony tail.

Rachel claims it was all down to good old sibling rivalry: 'I wanted to prove to him that my winning streak was still in place' by having the largest pumpkin.

She said: 'I think it's hilarious. It's totally fine. I'm glad people think it's funny, too'