Prove you are not Saddam Hussein, Apple tells customer

Posted by David Elliots | October 29, 2016

A man from Birmingham who was trying to get a refund on an iPhone was told he would need prove he was not Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi dictator.

Sharakat Hussain aged 26 received an email from Apple saying that he was on the government's Denied Parties list and for that reason it would actually illegal for them to sell him an iPhone.

Hussain bought the iPhone as a gift for his sister for £799 but when she rejected it he decided to try and get his money back.

As the price of purchase was so high, Hussain was told to wait for the balance to be transferred to his bank account.

After several weeks without receiving the refund he was sent an email by Apple asking him to prove that he was not the Iraqi dictator who was hanged in 2006.

Even though his first name is completely different and the surname is spelled different, somehow Sharak Hussain was still managed to become a victim of mistaken identity.

On receiving the email Hussain said that he 'thought the email was spam, I was stunned to learn it was real. I was furious to be linked to Sadam.'

A representative of Apple offered the technology giants 'sincerest apologies.'