Police find 2 children held hostage for 7 years in Spanish apartment

Posted by David Elliots | October 29, 2016

A Swiss couple have been arrested for the alleged hostage of two children.

The boy and girl now, 15 and 17 were said to have been held hostage in the Spanish apartment for past seven years.

It was though that the mother and boyfriend had moved to Alicante, Costa Blanca back in March of 2009 but Spanish Cilvil Guard said the children had never left.

It was only when a desperate email was sent by the girl to officials that the two were found.

Police did visit the premises on multiple occasions but were only about to discover the pair when the girl managed to make a gesture to one of the officers and gain his attention.

Allegations are being denied by the mother who claims the children were not living at the premises.

According to the you girl the pair were abused by their mother aged 49 who threatened to kill them both.

The girl claims that her mother knew about the arrangement but chose to ignore it.

A representative of the Spanish Civil Guard spoke saying: 'On receiving the email, we launched what was effectively a race against time.

'The sister and brother completely isolated from society.

'They did not speak Spanish, communicating only in English and never went to school.'

The mother has been arrested on suspicion of domestic abuse as well as illegal detention and causing injuries with her other half being charged with aiding and abetting.

Initially the children were taken to a centre but the boy has now been granted consent by the court to return home with the girl heading to Switzerland.