'X-rated' council error sends voters to hardcore porn site

Posted by David Elliots | October 28, 2016

A letter sent out by local council to residents in the area asking them to check up on their voting eligibility status accidentally send them to a hardcore porn website.

The error was discovered by a resident after he typed the URL into his web browser and got a startling surprise.

The authorities have admitted that the mistake was 'embarrassing'.

After discovering the error and notifying the authorities this is what the man had to say:

'Quite humorous from my perspective but might give some of your older listeners a bit of a shock.'

'I have informed them but I'm guessing a few have already been mailed out'.

Mike Evans Senior Director had this to say on behalf of the council:

'It was not our intention to embarrass anybody in the district and the first thing I would like to say is to apologise to anybody who has received this letter.

'We think about 80 documents were hand delivered by canvassers in the wards of Claydon and Barham'.