Dad finds coin worth £250,000 in son's toy treasure box

Posted by Sarah Bushell | October 26, 2016

Rare coin found in boys treasure chest from the 18th century has been found and given an estimated value of £250,000.

The coin is just one of the twenty made from 7.5lbs of gold that was seized from Vigo Bay from Spanish treasure ships in 1702.

It's current owner said his father gave it to him when he was a boy which he kept in his play treasure chest and intern passed down to his child to play with.

After the death of his grandfather the man Essex remembered the coin and decided to have it looked at by a specialist in case it was of any value.

Gregory Tong of Bongington' coin experts instantly recognised it as The Queen Anne 'Vigo' five guinea coin which only six have made it to auction in the last 50 years.