Girl sexually assaulted by boys under 10

Posted by Sarah Bushell | October 26, 2016

The tyke was assaulted as she strolled through Teddington Cemetery in south-west London at around 15:30 BST on 20 October.

The young men finished the strike and strolled off after a man on a bike yelled at them to stop.

Criminologists said the young men were at a burial service went to by the voyaging group.

The casualty was strolling through the burial ground with a companion when they were drawn nearer by the young men. A short time later they advanced home and told their folks what had happened.

PC named Jamie Oprey said: 'The victim has been left extremely distressed by this attack which took place in broad daylight in the middle of the afternoon.

'I am keen to speak to anyone who was in the cemetery at the time of the incident and could help us identify the boys responsible.

'I am also keen to speak to the man on the bicycle who intervened and stopped the attack - his information could prove invaluable in helping to find these boys.'